Best Cannabis Review

As a Weed seeds enthusiast you will want to make sure you get the best Marijuana seeds.Finding the best seeds to grow is not an easy task given the vast amount of marijuana strains out there. It’s not always about the best cannabis review but also to find the right cannabis strain you need. It all depends on your needs, likes and level of expertise you gained over the years growing marijuana.

The top best marijuana seeds taking under considerations the ease of growing, the time spent of growing the strain, the quantity of the crop and the quality of the end product. It’s very important to consider all these factors before making the purchase of the cannabis seeds. Price is not the sole factor here(!!!!). Think about your abilities and constrains as a marijuana grower and choose your poison wisely and off course read and learn about each cannabis strain for maximum after impact.

O.G Kush is a well known name, coming from (believed) ‘Ocean Grown’ but later on it was referred to as the ‘Original Gangster’ and hands down one of the most popular strains worldwide and is in extremely high demand especially in the US, where is has its roots where is blossomed under the California Sun. It is thought to have originated by crossing a Chemdawg with a Thai Lemon and a Pakistani Kush Hybrid.

The Pineapple came about way before the perhaps more well known varieties such as the Pineapple Express or the Pineapple Kush, and it is thought that this strain is arguable better in many ways as well as being more potent having THC of between 16-26%.The Pineapple will give you a cerebral buzz that has a slightly spaced out floaty sensation that can easily wash your worries away and make you lose track of anything that was worrying you, and make you creative.

Mango cannabis has Afghani roots and has been around since the early 1960’s but was crossed later on with a KC33. It’s an attractive plant that depending on the temperature can have either dark red leaves with a purple tinge or with hints of yellow and green.This tropical treat will give you an abundance of massive luscious buds that smell as good as they taste with a strong Mango aroma, they are so dense that the branches have really strong stems to support them.